A keyboard, cup of coffee, headphones and an open notebook on a table. Photographed from above.

Some great resources to help you plan and develop your writing and writing routine: 

The Article Design Canvas from Academic Toolkit is a great tool to help you organise your thoughts and start planning your paper. I love that the different sections come with little hints to help you fill them in.

Link to the Article Design Canvas

Maybe you’re looking for a home for your paper to help you plan the structure – give the Open Journal Matcher a go. Just paste your abstract and see what open access journals it recommends.

Link to Open Journal Matcher

Maybe you hit the wall and are looking for ways to get unstuck? The below resources show different ways to get over writer’s block:

Link to Beat your Writers block

Link to 5 Ways to get your academic Writing unstuck

Link to Get your words flowing

You might want to try writing with others for motivation or to combat the home working blues – if your institution isn’t organising retreats, shut up and write sessions or similar you might want to give these virtual writing retreats a go:

Link to Virtual Writing Retreat (mainly UK)

Link to Online Writing Room hosted by @PhDForum