I’ve been using ToDoist for almost a year and it’s really helped my with my longterm project planning. I’m working on a How I plan blog post. However, after a Twitter conversation I want to show you how to create task in ToDoist from a flagged email using Office365 Power Automate:


Open ToDoist and create a Project where you want to collect your flagged email tasks – mine is called Email to-do. If you don’t set up a project the tasks will go into your ToDoist Inbox by default.

Screenshot showing the ToDoist menu.


Open Office365 online, sign-in and select Power Automate from the Apps menu. Then select Create and Automated cloud flow.

Screenshot showing the Office 365 Apps menu.
Screenshot Office 365 showing the Power Automate option under create.


Click on cloud flow, give your flow a name e.g. ToDoist Task from Flagged email. Then search for Outlook via the Flow trigger search function and select “When an email is flagged” and click create.

Screenshot showing the Build an automated flow set up window.


Select the Outlook inbox you want to flag your emails in (if you want to flag from multiple inboxes you have to make a flow for each one). Then click on Advanced options if you want to include attachments etc. Then click next step.

Screenshot showing the flow set up window after When an email is flagged.


Search for ToDoist in the Choose Operation bar and select Create Task – on your first time setting this up you will have to sign in a connect your accounts.

Screenshot showing the flow set up window after When an email is flagged.


Project ID is your chosen ToDoist project you want the task to be created in (e.g. Email to-do). Decide what your tasks will be called – I select the email subject header for this.

Screenshot showing the flow set up window for ToDoist tasks.
Screenshot showing the flow set up window To select a title.


To set your due date for the task (the time you will received a notification from ToDoist) select Expression while in the Due Date box and type: addDays(utcNOW(),4) (see blue arrow); this will create a due date 4 days from flagging the email. Change the number to suit your planning. Click Ok. You can check out the other options and make changes if you want.

Screenshot showing the flow set up window to add a due date to the task.


SAVE your flow and test it. The Flow checker will show any issues with your flow. Click Test and run your flow. Top right in your Power Automate window.

Screenshot showing the Save, Flow checker and Test options.


Check your flagged email is now a task in your chosen ToDoist project.

Screenshot of ToDoist menu now showing tasks in the Email to-do list.